Sadly, the 08magic journey has come to an end.

Changes in telecom regulations has meant that pricing is clearer for the consumer so our job here is done! Please remove the app from your phone to ensure that your 08 calls can connect over your mobile network. If you have any queries, then drop us a line on

Why pay up to 40p/min to call banks, insurance companies and more from your mobile when 08magic is so much cheaper? No hidden costs - 15p/min is all you ever pay to call any 08 number from any UK mobile.

  0800 / 0500 / 0808 0844 0845 0870
Network Monthly PAYG Monthly PAYG Monthly PAYG Monthly PAYG
Three 15.3p 15.3p 35p 35p 35p 35p 35p 35p
O2 20.4p 20.4p 20.4p 25p 20.4p 25p 20.4p 25p
Vodafone 14p 14p 35p 35p 14p 14p 14p 14p
Orange 20p 25p 12.3p 40p 40p 40p 40p 40p
T-Mobile 20p 20p 40p 40p 40p 40p 40p 40p
08magic Always 15 pence per minute

08magic automatically detects when you’re dialling an 08 number on your mobile and re-routes the call to reduce the cost. Unlike similar apps, it works across ALL 08 numbers - not just those in our database.


About 08magic

08magic is brought to you by the award winning team at Fonix - with years of experience in telecoms.